We believe the best film are those with natural expression + interaction, fueled with contagious emotion that mesmerize the viewer.  This is our aim in making Your film. 


We don't like posy, artificial + pretentious act that are not natural to you.  Thus, we often use fun and simple questions to guide our clients, allowing them to enjoy themselves while we catch and reel-in those precious real emotions. 


We love capturing unscripted audio that tells your story.  We have a fun way of editing that uses music +  audio + sound effects to evolve the right feeling, the right ambient and the right content, to make your movie. We hope to take you back to those precious moments, time and time again, bringing a smile and a giggle while you relive those significant moments.

Behind the Lens

Hei ! 

I am Liz the one behind the lens. 

To be honest, videography is not my first love, editing is.

I love piecing together the captured footage to create stories, choosing the right music, mixing it with the correct sound effects, ambient noise, color, and audio to make simple reel come alive.   Telling stories with this art is my joy + something I couldn't live without. 

It is such a blessing doing what I love.

While my main focus is corporate videos, events + weddings, I am always up for lifestyle, family, + creative film when my schedule allows it.  My clients value my creativity + experience + absolute trust in me as their videographer/filmmaker for the most significant day of their lives.  Capturing it in a way that tells their story, while being their dear friend and getting to know them as friends rather than as clients.

Your time, investment + trust in me is so valued + appreciated.

Let's get to know one another click here to say hello.

I can't wait to tell your story.